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AdWords Express VS AdWords – Part 2

Written by Melanie House on . Posted in Blog

AdWords Express VS Regular AdWords - Digital Media Construction

If you want to advertise on Google you can go for either AdWords or AdWords Express. Before you choose one, you need to consider several factors about your business:

• Do you sell locally or nationwide? • Do you have the time to actually manage a regular AdWords campaign? • Can you afford to pay a specialist to do it for you? Advantages of AdWords Express

The main advantage AdWords Express has over regular AdWords is that it takes almost no time whatsoever and it is really simple. All you need to do to set up AdWords Express is to write a short ad for your business, set the budget, choose the product or service you want to advertise and then you just have to let Google give you the search queries people type in to look for the product or service you offer.

With AdWords Express you don’t have to spend hours looking for the right keywords or worry about constant maintenance and optimization of the campaign. Everything is managed automatically, from finding the keywords to setting bids and managing them, Google takes care of all that.

Disadvantages of AdWords Express

Now let’s talk about the cons – you have no keyword tools, no keyword variations and bid prices are assigned based on Google’s bid auction model, instead of you doing it yourself. Another major problem with AdWords Express is that it only works if you want to advertise locally. You don’t have as much control over your account as you would with regular AdWords. For instance, you can’t decide how much you want to spend or what your budget will be. Everything is decided based on assumptions about your business.

Probably the biggest flaw in AdWords Express is that it doesn’t make use of keywords but instead it asks you to choose a category for your business. This also means that you don’t have the option of negative keywords! If you know anything about AdWords, you are well-aware that not having negative keywords can make you waste a lot of money in useless clicks by people looking for services that you don’t offer. And why did your ad show up? Because you had no negative keywords!

Advantages of AdWords

Now let’s take a look at AdWords. AdWords is customizable, you have full control over your campaign and can make all kinds of optimization as you see fit. You can choose your keywords based on search queries and you can make use of Google AdWords Keyword Planner to know what your potential clients are searching for and what they’re typing in the search bar to find what you offer. The big advantage here is that you have a much higher chance for your ad to appear for customers who are actually looking for your company! There are less wasted clicks and thus, less wasted money.

AdWords also allows you to target different geographical areas and you can promote more than one product or service. So basically, with AdWords you have a lot more control and the campaign will probably be more effective than with AdWords Express.

The AdWords “Disadvantage”

The only reason we find to not choose AdWords is that it takes a lot more time and commitment. But again, this is your business we are talking about. So do you want the easy way, or the effective way? Your campaign will only be as effective as you make it to be. So if you don’t have the time to do it or don’t know how to manage it, you can count on Digital Media Construction and one of our AdWords Certified Partners will be able to create and optimize your account to achieve a successful PPC campaign for your business!

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