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Scheduled posts on Facebook

Scheduling Posts on Facebook as a Timesaver

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Scheduling Posts on Facebook

Scheduling posts on Facebook is easier than you think


Posting regularly on takes up a lot of time. Pre-scheduling posts on Facebook is a time saver. There are only a couple of steps to do so. Here we will explain how to do it and why it is beneficial. This is how easy it is scheduling posts on Facebook.

Why You Should Have a Well Structured Website before Doing PPC Advertising

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Most small and medium size businesses prefer to go with PPC (cost-per-click, or pay-per-click) advertising rather than the other AdWords advertising venues. The main reason is because you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad, as opposed to the amount of exposure. Companies who provide services such as a plumbing or cleaning will see better results in a campaign using the settings on the search network only, the display network is mainly for creating brand awareness (some people might disagree with me).

Costly AdWords Default Settings to Avoid

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When creating a new AdWords campaign usually you follow Google’s recommendations, sometimes that could cost your hard earned money. Don’t get me wrong, Google has several great practices that you should follow like the themed structure and tips on improving the quality score. What I want to focus on here are the default settings.

Top 5 Elements for a Successful AdWords Campaign

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successful adwords campaign - Digital Media ConstructionWhen it comes to AdWords there are a ton of features and tweaks you can do to your campaign. These can get confusing and might even waste your time and have no noticeable results from implementing them. When you’re new to AdWords or simply are not that tech savvy here’s what you should pay attention to improve performance:

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

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  successful adwords campaign - Digital Media ConstructionIf you have a Twitter account but have yet to learn how to get more followers on Twitter, this is an article for you. By this point, most businesses are aware that social media is an important part of their businesses’ marketing efforts.