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Silvio Tercero has delivered great service since I started working with Digital Media Construction. I have found him very knowledgeable and responsive. He has been able to answer all my questions, (and I have a LOT of questions). My adwords is much better now that he has been handling my account. I will recommend him very highly.

Jeff Yacobelli
Krane Heating & Cooling, Inc.

“The service or the way the google account is working I think it’s great. I have been getting calls from the site when I ask unknown customers they said they got it from google. Silvio, you have been a lot of help and always answer any of my questions or you send me a link of where I can look.”

Erick Sanchez
Continental Towing.

“I started to work with Silvio in January and so far I’m very happy with the follow-up and amount of dedication he’s showing to my account. He’s managing my Adwords campaigns and the result is very good. What I like the most is his availability and willingness to learn more about my specific industry to help me better. I would definitely recommend any business owner to work with Silvio and hand him over the Adword campaigns.”

Ad Hanna – Marketing Manager
Anago Vancouver

“Silvio Tercero, our campaign manager, has been excellent. He has really listened, has been available every time I have requested an email or call, has made excellent recommendations and has patiently and respectfully walked me through the data and analytics. I am a very skeptical person when it comes to consulting and online marketing services because of my own consulting background. Silvio and Digital Media Construction have always given me a very confident feeling that the right things are being done for our campaigns. Silvio has always seemed extremely honest and lets me know when he is unsure of specific items, which is a huge value to me in terms of building trust. Hopefully our company continues to grow because of our ad words campaigns (we are only a few short months into it with DMC so far and it is looking very promising!).

I also really appreciate that Silvio provides valuable feedback based on my questions and our detailed conversations about our business model and business goals.. I am always left with the impression that Silvio spends real time looking at our web site, thinking about our campaign and optimizing our keywords in a thoughtful manner. A lot of companies’ service folks spend as little time, thought and effort as possible on each client. Silvio seems truly engaged and genuinely intent on helping our business grow by doing this work properly and not just blindly increasing our number of clicks.”

Kelly Lautt

It has been a pleasure working with Silvio. He has had such a positive impact on our business. He follows up with me on a regular basis to let me know how the AdWords are doing and what changes he has made. This really helps in allowing me to be involved in the direction we focus our budget. I can call or email him at any time with feedback and he is always prompt to take action and make any necessary changes to better optimize our account. Since he has begun the campaigns not only have we had more traffic on our website but they are the actual customer we are trying to reach. I cannot tell you enough how much I value his input and trust his direction of leading our campaigns.

Crystal Rivera
Clearwater Consulting – Tx